The Week of September 18-22

Dear Parents,

The Jog-a-thon was such fun and very successful. Thank you for all of the support from parents as you cheered on the class, filled water, marked off laps and helped in every way possible. We couldn’t achieve these goals without your support.

Map testing will be in the morning on 9/19, 9/21 and 9/27. Please try to not schedule appointments at that time. A protein filled breakfast works well on these days.

Please check the curriculum update below for what’s happening in the classroom. Questions? Email me at the new address:

Religion- Students created posters to show their knowledge of Growth and Fixed mindset, parts of the brain and what they do, how to not interrupt and affirmations.

Math- Students are reviewing place value, comparing numbers, ordering numbers and addition/subtraction. Mathletics after homework is a great idea if your 3rd grader wants to do extra work.

Reading– Students are reading Achieve articles and completing activities to earn points and raise their Lexile scores. Letters came home to set goals for points and Lexile levels. A good goal for the first trimester is 250 points and a rise of 25 in the Lexile level. The best way to earn points and raise the Lexile reading level is to complete the Achieve articles and activities at the 75% or higher level 2 to 3 times a week.

Students are also beginning novels in small groups. Mrs. Manley and I are meeting, reading, discussing and assigning work for the small groups.

Social Studies- Students will begin the Native American unit after the Map testing is complete. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Writing- Students are beginning to use the writing process to explore their opinions. Should students wear uniforms or not? Students are learning to explain and persuade.

Thank you parents!

Mrs. Lisa Castillo


Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year

Dear Parents,

I am excited to begin this exciting year with the Third Grade Explorers. This is an adventurous year of brain work through, hands on activities, field trips and rich interesting text books. The students will be using all of the knowledge learned in the primary years and apply that knowledge in a learning environment that is aligned to the Washington State Standards and the Archdiocesan Standards.

This Thursday, September 7th is Curriculum Night and I hope to see you there at 7:00. There will be a chance to listen to what the routine of third grade looks like and what will be taught. Please bring your queations too.

Jog-a-thon fundraising is well under way. Thank you for raising money and sending in the free dress coupons for your children. Please continue to raise money to help us meet the $60,000 goal for the year. If you would like to join us on September 15th, please look for a note from me about the running time of our third graders. I will let you know as soon as I know.

I know that supplies were difficult to find or orders were late. This can be frustrating but accommodations will always be made until the supplies can be purchased. Please email me any questions about the supplies and I can help you.

Thank you for signing the homework folder planning sheet each night. That helps me get the students back in the habit of doing homework and returnng the folders. If your child needs extra time on anything just write on the planner or send me an email.

I hope to meet you all on Thursday.


Mrs. Lisa Castillo

The Weeks of May 30th to June 9th

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that this is the last web post of the year. The year has gone very quickly because we were so busy learning great things! The student portfolios will come home on Monday. Please look through the portfolios with your child. The collection shows work from each trimester and a self evaluation.

Also, please send in two reusable grocery bags for taking desk contents home. We will be cleaning out desks next Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you!

Here are a few dates to remember:

Thursday, June 1st– Buddy Lunch- lunch provided for all students

Saturday, June 3rd-School’s Almost Out-Pig Out, 6:00

Sunday, June 4th– Baccalaureate Mass, 10:30

Tuesday, June 6th-8th grade farewell assembly 1:45 in the gym

Wednesday, June 7th– Auction Ice Cream Party, “Skipping School for Sundaes”

Thursday, June 8th– Field Day, 9:00 to 12:30, volunteer sign ups are coming home soon

Thursday, June 8th– Graduation in church at 6:45

Friday, June 9th– Last Day- dismissal at 10:00

Thank you for a wonderful year. I hope you have a summer filled with reading, relaxing and sunny days.

God bless you and your family.

Mrs. Lisa Castillo



The Weeks of May 15-26th

Dear Parents,

I  hope all of the moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The poem your child  wrote for you was based on  a book I read to them called, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. There is a part that makes me tear up every time. The poem is filled with figurative language and hopefully captured clear ideas to show you how much your child loves you.

After the busy days of last week, this week looks like a regular pace.

Dates to Remember:

May 16-17-18-19- Middle School Trips

May 17th- Cantionis at the Mariner’s Game

May 18th- Art and Chess Clubs

May 21st- Girls on the Run-5k-Good luck girls!!

May 22nd- Pizza for Peru

May 25th-Art and Chess Clubs

May 29th- Memorial Day Holiday

Students can enter the contest to design the Jog-a-thon tshirt and poster. The due date is June 2nd. Please submit all entries to the office. We brainstormed in class and started design ideas. Some students have finished their design and have turned it into the office already. Students can submit more than one entry. Good luck to all of the third graders. Last year several third grade ideas were used for the tshirt and poster.

Reading and Writing- The students are reading the classic book, Charlotte’s Web and writing about the themes, character traits, and reading comprehension questions.

The students are also reading 2 books from the author, Mike Thaler, the writer of the black lagoon stories. The students are writing their own black lagoon story.

Math- Perimeter and Area The students are comparing distance around an object and on the surface of objects.

Geography- Students are reviewing and studying the last 20 states on the east coast. All 50 states are known by their location on the map.

Have a wonderful week. Please email questions to me.

Thank you,

Lisa Castillo

May 1st through 12th and More

Dear Parents,

The next few weeks are bust ones for the third graders. I want to highlight the most important days to remember.

May 1st is the crowning of Mary and rosary in the church at 9:00 am. Students should wear dress uniform and bring a flower for Mary. Please join us if you can.

Map Testing begins for our class on May 9th, 10th, 11th from 8:30 to 10:00. Please don’t schedule an appointment at this time and make sure your child has a substantial breakfast.

May 10th is Bike to School Day. Bikes can be parked on the playground around the fence.

May 11th is a busy day!! Students have free dress for Jump Rope for Heart, the American Heart Association activity. The Spring Concert is in the evening at 7:00 pm. Students will wear Sunday best and meet in the classroom at 6:45.

May 12th– In the morning students will meet in the classroom at 7:30 for breakfast. This is an auction purchase and open to all current 3rd graders. More specific information will come home to those who purchase this auction item.

May 14th-Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms.

May 19th- All donations are due for the American Heart Association. Please make checks payable to this great organization. No cash please.

Please email with questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lisa Castillo