The Book Nook

Genres in the 3rd Grade:

Fantasy-a story that is not possible. Science Fiction-a story with science and technology. Realistic Fiction-a story that could happen. Mystery-a story with a puzzling event solved at the end. Traditional Literature- a fairy tale, folk tale, myth,fable or legend. Historical Fiction-the setting is real but the characters are made up. Biography-a story about someone’s life. Autobiography-a story about someone’s life written by that person. Poetry-verse using rhythm and rhyme. Informational-facts about real topics. Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.34.08 PM

The Amazon Bookstore in University Village is a wonderful place to find books for your children. There are pre-selected books according to ratings from the Amazon website. If you need recommendations for a high, medium or low reader, the bookstore makes it easy. Last weekend when I checked out the store, there was actually a roped off waiting line to get in!! The sight of happy people reading real books, in an actual bookstore, makes this teacher’s heart very happy!! Parents and Students-This page will have book ideas for your third grader. I will update this page often with book recommendations for your family.

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Guys Read- This is a site that gives you excellent ideas for 
books for the most difficult demographic, boys. When it comes 
to book selections, boys can be hard to please. Check out this 
site for book lists according to interesting categories.
Book ideas for everyone:

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