Social-Emotional Development


Social-emotional development is an important part of the 3rd grade curriculum. There are many ways that this is taught each day. I will explain each one below briefly and add a link so that you can investigate further if you are interested.


Second Step: The Committee for Children designed a curriculum to teach children many necessary skills from listening and focusing to making a friend and problem solving. Daily lessons are taught in September and October.

Mindful Schools: Dr. Berger taught me how to create a Mindful classroom. I continue with this practice daily, after lunch for 3 minutes. Sometimes we watch a short video to help us focus by resting our mind.

Washington Post Article: Click on this link to read an interesting article about Mindfulness.

Love and Logic: Jim Fay and David Funk have created a system of practical solutions to the day-to-day challenges of teaching and raising children. I highly recommend this website, books and videos. The Love and Logic system raises the level of student/child responsibility and prepares kids to function effictively in society.

Growth Mindset: Students are learning to be positive learners by using a growth mindset not a fixed mindset. Saying and thinking in a positive way helps students reach academic goals.