Class News Sept 27th

Mrs. Edwards 3rd Grade Classroom News


We had wonderful week of learning in room 22. Your children are adjusting well to our routines and procedures and are working hard to learn many new things! Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Please note the MAP and Field Trip reminders!

Reading: We continued our whole class book study on the book, Magic Tree House Buffalo Before Breakfast. We are continuing reading and comprehending non-fiction text through our Achieve program. Ask your child about the 75% club!

Writing: This week, we put all of the pieces together that we have learned of how to write an opinion essay to write stories of their chosen topic. They are also learning how to follow the steps of writing workshop – plan, draft, edit and publish. Students get to share their published stories with the class and receive compliments and questions from their peers about their work. You will see your children’s published work come home throughout the year, I encourage you to celebrate the best effort they put into a published story! Next week, we will continue mastering how to write an opinion story.

Math: This week we concluded our study of expressing, ordering and comparing numbers. They worked to master how to show numbers in standard, written and expanded form. They worked to master how to order 4 digit numbers from least to greatest and they worked to round 3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. They took an assessment on these skills at the end of the week. Our next unit of study will be reviewing addition of 4 digit numbers using regrouping.

Religion: This week, we continued our analysis of the Apostles Creed. We used a variety of strategies to begin memorizing this prayer – including color coding the parts, re-writing, and a game of “I Have Who Has.”

Social Studies: We began our unit on Native American tribes. Each child is assigned a tribe, located in a region of the United States. They are to research the tribe and find information on a number of different categories. This week they used books from the Seattle Public Library to research their tribe. They took notes on each category as they researched. We will continue to research for the next few weeks. Their final project will require each student to create a project to show what they have learned about their tribe (including each of the required categories). They may choose the type of project they complete – song, play, PowerPoint, poster, model, etc.

STEM: This week we connected our study of Native Americans to a beginning engineering design project. We used our new MakerSpace! Through our research, we discovered that many of the Native American tribes who lived near water used canoes for transportation. The challenge was to design a boat that would hold at least 10 cubes (people), the cubes had to stay dry and would float for at least 10 seconds. The constraint was that they could only use one piece of foil for their boat. Students worked in teams to follow the design process – plan, design, test, re-design. Ask your child about their design!

Dates and Reminders:

  • September 30th – October 3rd – MAP testing. It would be helpful on these days if you wouldn’t mind helping your child get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.
  • Oct 4th – Field trip to Blake Island
    • Students should wear school uniform with a St. John logo sweatshirt please.
    • Please remind your child to pack a throw away sack snack. They will be provided a cultural lunch.
  • Oct 11th – No School
  • Oct 17th – Progress Reports go home
  • Oct 22nd – Individual Student Photos
  • Oct 28th and Nov 8th – Student Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 1st – All School Liturgy – Dress Uniform
  • Nov 11th – No School

I hope you have a terrific weekend!

Mrs. Edwards