Class News Sept 13th

Mrs. Edwards 3rd Grade Classroom News

09/09 – 09/13

We had a terrific week in room 22. This week we began our in class academic routine as well as homework. Thank you for encouraging a growth mindset and empowering them to build responsible habits through their nightly homework. The first week of homework was a success! Thank you for your teamwork. Our third graders worked hard this week adjusting to our new routine, they should be proud of themselves! They are such super stars!

Reading: We began our “read to self” time, where students are encouraged to find the joy in reading by finding a good fit book and reading anywhere in the classroom. We also started our Achieve 3000 Non -Fiction reading program. This week, students took the initial “level set” which helps to determine their reading lexile level. That way, students will be provided non-fiction articles written at their specific lexile level. Starting next week, we will all read non- fiction articles around the topic of American Indians to prepare our minds for our upcoming social studies unit. Next week, we will start our whole class book study.

Writing: This week, we got to know our morning journal routine. Every morning, students will start their day with a journal entry. Students will be asked to respond to a wide variety of prompts and writing formats. Sometimes, they will make lists, sometimes they will write poems, sometimes they will reflect on a funny photo or an inspiring image. Students are brave and proud to share their entries and their classmates get to practice the art of giving compliments to each other. Next week, during out writers workshop block, we will begin our unit on opinion writing.

Science: This week we laid a beginning foundation for a developing growth mindset. For a third grader, having a growth mindset means they believe their intelligence and abilities can be improved with effort and the right strategies. It means having a willingness to confront challenges and viewing mistakes as an opportunity for growth. This week, we took a look at the brain and learned about the different parts of the brain and their functions. This way, we can understand our brain as an elastic muscle that can grow through mistakes and hard work.

Math: This week we focused on expressing, ordering and comparing 3- and 4-digit numbers. Student’s focused on reading, writing and identifying place value of whole numbers through thousands. They practiced writing in standard form, expanded form, word form and showing with place value blocks. They worked on using place value to compare numbers using the vocabulary “greater than” “less than” and “equal to”. Next week, we will work on rounding 3- and 4-digit numbers to the nearest 10 and 100.

Religion: We took a close look at our class agreement – work hard, be kind and have fun. We explored our school theme – Be Kind, by reflecting on how we experience kindness through our 5 senses. Next week, we will review the Trinity and introduce the Apostles Creed.

Dates and Reminders:

  • Our classroom is a NUT FREE classroom.
  • September 30th – October 3rd – MAP testing. It would be helpful on these days if you wouldn’t mind helping your child get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.
  • Oct 4th – Field trip to Blake Island
  • Oct 11th – No School
  • Oct 17th – Progress Reports go home
  • Oct 22nd – Individual Student Photos
  • Oct 28th and Nov 8th – Student Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Nov 1st – All School Liturgy – Dress Uniform
  • Nov 11th – No School

Thank you for a wonderfully smooth start to our year together. Your children are superstars and I love working with them already!


Mrs. Edwards