Class News Jan 17th

Mrs. Edwards Class News

01/13 – 01/17

What an exciting week it was! Students were eager to share their snow stories and late start adventures. We used a rain gauge and thermometer to collect, measure and record precipitation and air temperature. Students identified patterns within the data to make weather forecasts for the following day. We will create graphs to represent the data in a different way.

Students continue to work on writing their fictional narrative stories. This week, we focused on word choice. The BFG is helping us add to our list of verbs and adjectives to use in our own stories.

Students investigated multiples of 5 and 10. They identified patterns within products. They used their knowledge of basic facts and patterns to find products of larger factors.

The class has decided to work on being better stewards of our environment in order to show love for all of God’s creation. One specific way our class is working to help our environment is by re-using the plastic water bottle caps from the hot lunch program. Our class is collecting the caps from the lunchroom which we will re-use for a project in the classroom. My hope is that they feel even as 9 and 10 year olds that they can make a difference – one bottle cap at a time.

Students loved watching the snow pile up on the church outside of our classroom window!
Scientists observing types of weather!
Scientists collecting precipitation data in our school garden
Scientists collecting air temperature data in our school garden
mathematicians working together to solve multi-step multiplication word problems.
Mathematicians working towards mastering multiplication math facts
Mathematicians playing games to help master multiplication facts
Mathematicians working together to solve multi-step math word problems