Class News Jan 10th

Mrs. Edwards 3rd Grade Classroom News

01/06 – 01/10

 Everyone was happy to be back together this week. Students seemed happy to see each other, return to their routine and keep on learning!

Reading: We continued reading, The BFG by Roald Dahl. Students are practicing reading fluency by choosing to read aloud. We are having great discussions as we analyze the main characters. This week, we focused on identifying “Vivacious Verbs” within the book. Students took notes as we read, then we compiled a class list. Students will be encouraged to use these words as inspiration while writing their own fiction narratives during writing workshop. We also started a new month in Achieve. At the start of each month, each student’s Achieve lexile level is adjusted based on their previous monthly reading performance. Students notice their growth and are proud to see their reading level reflected in the articles each month.

Writing: After weeks of studying what makes up a fictional narrative story, this week students began writing their own! They are following the writing workshop process – plan, edit, draft, then publish. They are expected to apply what they have learned about fictional narratives to their own stories. The graphic organizer in the planning stage helps them plan out characters, the narrator, the setting (time and place), and beginning, middle, and ending events. Within those events, there must be a conflict and a solution. They will use a self-editing checklist to check for those components as well as for grammar and spelling.

I have overheard many conversations at lunch and recess like, “Who is your narrator going to be in your story? What is the conflict in your story? My characters are ___.” It is clear that they are very engaged in their stories! I love it!

Math: This week, we worked on mastering x6 facts. We continued our routine to help us master multiplication facts. Every week, we will focus on one or two facts. In class, we will work on memorizing those facts through a variety of different games and activities. At the beginning of the week, students will make their own “fact ring” which will have all the multiplication problems for that fact (0-12) as well as a skip counting card and a card with the “trick” to that fact. Students will use these rings in class as well as at home. As a part of their homework, they should be practicing 10 minutes each night of that fact. They may choose to use their fact ring, the fluency worksheet I send home, say them aloud to you or a sibling, or another way of their choice. On Fridays, we will assess their progress towards mastering that fact.

Religion: This week we learned that when we love as Jesus taught us, God’s Kingdom becomes more visible. We studied the words in the Lord’s Prayer. When we pray the words, “Thy Kingdom come” we pray that we may have the grace to make His Kingdom visible in our actions and that others may be open to receiving God’s Kingdom in their hearts. We also read and discussed Jesus gathering a community of followers and that when on earth, Jesus gathered a community of disciples and was their friend, sharing their joys and sorrows. Jesus taught His disciples that they must follow His examples and invite all people to join His community, which we call the Church.

Science: This week, we began our unit on weather and patterns. We learned how scientists measure and record data about weather. We learned the difference between types of weather and the effects of weather (precipitation vs puddle). We learned the types of tools that scientists use to measure precipitation, wind direction and air temperature – rain gauge, wind vine and thermometer. We learned the unit of measurement for each tool. Students also learned to interpret weather maps and graphs of weather data and examine patterns of weather.

Next week, we will began collecting and recording weather data from our school garden. We will read a rain gauge and thermometer to collect precipitation and air temperature. Then, students will analyze and interpret the data and represent the data in tables and graphs to reveal any patterns and make predictions.

Dates and Reminders:

The school would like all students to adhere to the uniform policy. Please support us in our effort to be 100% in compliance with the guidelines. You can find our uniform policy here: School Uniform Policy

  • Monday, January 20th – No School, Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Sunday, January 26th – Catholic Schools Week Mass and Open House
    • 10:30am Mass, Open House to follow. Stay tuned for more information on Catholic Schools Week.
  • Thursday, February 6th – Progress Reports go home
  • Wednesday, February 12th – All School Liturgy – Dress Uniform
  • February 14th, 17th and 18th – No School, Mid-Winter Break

Thank you for your partnership and support!


Mrs. Edwards