Class News Feb 13th

Mrs. Edwards 3rd Grade Classroom News


We had a terrific week together learning and adventuring our way through 3rd grade. Your children are such joyful learners with big hearts and curious minds. It is an honor to teach them every day!

Science: We have been very busy scientists! Students have been becoming experts on climate regions around the world as well as plant and animal adaptations. Through a variety of non-fiction resources, maps, responses and discussions, students have learned the important facts about the rainforest, desert, polar climate, mountains, mediterranean and temperate climate. Students worked on pulling evidence from text to support their thinking. Students worked in partners to demonstrate their learning by creating a poster that describes one of the climate regions we learned about. They practiced conducting further research in books from the library and some online research. Then, they taught the rest of their class about their climate region.

Next week, we will host a Nature Discovery classroom visit by an Edmonds Ranger Naturalist who will speak with us about animal and plant adaptations in the pacific northwest.

Math: This week, we worked on understanding what division means. Students worked on how to model division problems, how to write division sentences that describe equal sharing, how to find the quotient of a division problem and how to write the inverse multiplication number sentence.

Religion: This week, we learned of three ways to understand the Church. We learned that the Church is the family of God the Father, the Body of Christ and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We read and discussed that each of these is a different way for us to see and understand the Church. On Wednesday, we attend the all school Mass honoring Saint Valentine.

Reading: We are working on identifying, highlighting and citing evidence within text.

Writing: We are working responding to questions using complete sentences and including evidence from text within our responses.

Dates and Reminders:

  • Wednesday, February 26th – Ash Wednesday Mass. Dress Uniform
  • Thursday, March 12th – Kindergarten and 1st grade Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Dress Uniform.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Mrs. Edwards