News Sept 21st

Mrs. Edwards 3rd Grade Classroom News

9/17 – 9/21

We had a terrific week in room 22. This week we began our in class academic routine as well as homework. Thank you for encouraging a growth mindset and empowering them to build responsible habits through their nightly homework. The first week of homework was a success! Thank you for your teamwork. This week our class worked hard through two MAP testing sessions, continued to adjust to a new academic schedule, met our 6th grade buddies and ran the Jog-A-Thon. They should be proud of themselves! They are such super stars!

Reading: We began a whole class book study on the book, A Fish In A Tree. We have been analyzing the characters, learning to support our thoughts and inferences with evidence from the text, learning how to actively participate in a collaborative book study and identify what we call “wonderful words” that pop out to us as we read.

Writing: We have began learning how to write an opinion piece. This week, we learned to start with what we call a “rockin’ beginning” to hook the reader from the firsts line. We learned strategies to accomplish this such as onomatopoeia, repetition, facts, questions and quotes. Then, we practiced using each of these strategies with different topics. Next week, we will continue our study of writing opinion pieces by practicing the next step of stating your opinion and providing reasons and conclusions.

Math: This week we focused on place value to the thousands place. Student’s focused on reading, writing and identifying place value of whole numbers through thousands. They practiced writing in standard form, expanded form, word form and showing with place value blocks. They worked on using place value to compare numbers using the vocabulary “greater than” “less than” and “equal to”.

Religion: We explored the Trinity with Sacred Art. We reviewed that God is three Divine Persons in one Diving Being; this is called the Trinity. We reviewed that The Son eternally proceeds from the Father and that the Holy Spirit eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son. We used an image of the painting Detail From Boulbon Altarpiece to inspire our thoughts and feelings about the Holy Trinity.

 Dates and Reminders:

  • Our classroom is a NUT FREE classroom.
  • Oct 12th – No School
  • Oct 17th – Endowment Dinner
  • Oct 23rd – Individual Student Photos
  • Oct 26th – Youth Group Haunted House 5pm
  • Nov 1st – All Saints Day Mass, Dress Uniform

Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. Edwards



News Sept 7th

Good afternoon, families!

We had a terrific first week in 3rd grade. Your children are super stars! I am so happy I get to teach them this year.

This week we spent our time getting to know each other, the class routines and procedures and organizing our school supplies. We attended a welcome prayer service in the church on Wednesday with the rest of the school. We also attended a Jog-A-Thon assembly on Friday, where we all got very excited to participate in the annual fundraiser! You will find a packet in your child’s backpack from the Jog-A-Thon committee outlining this year’s event. The school also practiced a fire drill on Friday morning.

In class, one highlight was learning about extroverts and introverts and identifying with one or the other. We learned that as a classroom of learners, there are a number of different learning styles and environmental, social preferences that we must be aware of so that we can be respectful members of our classroom community. We are many parts, one body. Students worked to make their choice of visual representation of our own class data showing how many extroverts and introverts we have in our classroom. Some chose to represent the data using a bar graph, pie graph, cats and dogs, and many more creative ideas.

The class also spent time designing our class currency – which we decided will be called our “Class Coupon.” Each student designed a type of currency and the class voted on the one we will use this year. We will use our “Class Coupons” as a positive reward system and to “fine” students. Then, the class worked in pairs and groups to come up with ideas for items to be purchased using their coupons in our “Class Store”. I have attached a few photos of our week. You may ask your children to explain what’s happening in the photos!

Thank you for the birthday love today, I appreciate the kind words and thoughtful cards. Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Edwards