The Weeks of March 20th to March 31st

Dear Parents,

The Math celebration on Friday was a blast. The students loaded up with ice cream sundaes and then settled down to a movie about Balto and the Iditarod sled dog race. All students mastered their 0-12 times tables to earn the sundae. It was also St. Patrick’s Day and the students enjoyed green free dress. What a fun day for everyone!


Math- The students have a new math book to finish out the year. The old book was sent home and can be used as a workbook for the 3 chapters at the end of the book that reviewed  multiplication and division. The students are excited to learn more about Geometry. There are many more vocabulary words to know for Geometry. Look for fun at home Geometry activities coming soon.

Religion- The students are participating in a class Mass with their 6th grade buddies on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 8:20. Please join us in church if you can.

On Friday, March 24th, the class and their 6th grade buddies will lead the school in Stations of the Cross, at 2:30. Please join us if you can.

Iditarod-All mushers are in and resting in Nome, Alaska. The students were challenged each day to record data and journal about where their musher was on the 1,000 mile trail. Some mushers scratched and a replacement was then followed. The winner this year is Laurel , who picked Mitch Seavey as the winner. Our last place winner, The Red Lantern, was Rachel, who picked Cindy Abbott. The Red Lantern has a special job of turning off the Widow’s Lamp, to officially end the race.

The students are writing a retell of the Balto story and a congratulatory letter to their mushers. I will teach them the sled dog Hokey Pokey for a fun end to this wonderful learning experience.

Reading- Groups are finishing up novel reads and being text detectives to find out all of the most important parts of the story with evidence. Character Day is March 30th, students should dress like a character in a book that they are currently reading or have read in the past. Students need to have the book with them for Character Day. Appropriate dress up clothes are welcome for this special day.


One last reminder: class pictures are on the 29th, Wednesday and this is a dress uniform day. All order forms are due by this date and were sent home on March 20th. If you need another form please check the office beacsue I’m all out.

Thank you,

Lisa Castillo


The Week of March 6th to 9th

Dear Parents,

I am happy to tell you that the accreditation went very well and the visiting team found our school to be highly effective across all categories. More information will be coming from Mrs. O’Leary about the results.

Lent-A reminder handout about the 3rd grade Lent project is coming home next week to encourage a donation of brown rice for Northwest Harvest. Please give if you can.

Field Trip-We are going to The Burke Museum on April 4th. Will you volunteer to drive? A field trip form and request for $8, as well as a volunteer driver request, are coming home soon. I can take 6 parents with big cars to get us all to the museum and back. Let me know if you would like to go on this fun and informative field trip. It’s one of the highlights of the year!

Auction-The class auction item was created in the classroom and looks amazing. You will be impressed with this artistic string art depicting Washington state. It will enhance a room in your home and be a wonderful memory of this school year.

Also, Mrs. Mansfield and I are sponsoring a fun event you can bid on at the auction. We are hosting a cozy start to the day with a 7:30 breakfast of juice, fruit and a pastry. On May 12th students can come to the classroom with a stuffy, slippers and an appetite! We will eat breakfast and watch a  fun morning show. Look at the auction catalog for more information.

Math- Multiplication is drawing to a close. We are celebrating on March 17th with an ice cream sundae party. Look for the sign up genius to help out with supplies for the party. The next topic will be Geometry.


Iditarod- The Iditarod is off to a roaring start! The students are tracking the results and collecting data, listening to a read aloud about Balto and Pongo, writing a journal in the first person from their mushers’ point of view, recording weather, mapping checkpoints, and learning a lot about this 45 plus year tradition. Follow along with us at

Paragraph Writing- The students are putting together excellent paragraphs with topic and concluding sentences, detail sentences and editing well too. The writing process of brainstorming, rough draft, revise and edit is becoming second nature to them. You can help by watching for writing assignments to edit together. You can ask questions such as, “Do you think that sentence needs punctuation?” or “Does that sentence need more details?” or “Do you think your topic sentence is broad enough or is is a detail sentence?”

IMG_2256.JPG IMG_2251.JPG

Dr. Seuss Day- The 3rd graders had a great time reading favorite Dr. Seuss books to their buddies. A great connection between the two groups can be seen as the 3rd graders develop into leaders and encourage verbal and social skills.

Love and Logic- Here are a few tips from the Love and Logic folks to help with parenting.

The third trimester begins on Monday, March 13th. Report cards will come home the 16th.

Thank you for all that you do for the class and the school!

Lisa Castillo