The Week of February 27th to March 3rd

Dear Parents,

This week will be a busy and rewarding one. After working on the Self Study for the Washington Catholic Educational Association since 2015, we are happy to welcome the visiting team to the St. John community!

The students have worked hard on the curriculum requirements to show what they know about weather, division and prayer. If you get a chance please pop in to see your child’s hard work. The weather books and brochures are packed with facts. The Apostles’ Creed rainbow is a sight to see. The students are very proud of their work.

Special Note about this week: Dress uniform is required for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Friday, March 3rd, is an early dismissal day, 2:00.

Math- Division and strategies to find quotients are tackled in chapter 6 of our excellent book, My Math, by McGraw Hill. The Common Core State Standards are aligned to this book to help the students achieve mastery of key topics. Please continue to help your child with multiplication facts each night for 15 to 20 minutes.

Math Note- We are planning a multiplication celebration with ice cream sundaes on March 17th. More information will follow.

Social Studies- Students are beginning to research  the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, which begins the 1,000 mile race on March 4th. Each student will follow one musher as she or he follows the trail to Nome, Alaska. Students will learn mapping skills, read, write, research, use math skills to graph, compare and contrast, and more. This is truly an all purpose unit of study that students love to engage in. The website is if you would like to follow along at home.

Religion- The beginning of Lent, Wednesday March 1st, brings us into a special time of waiting. Students will go to Stations of the Cross each Friday at 2:00. Please join us if you can. In the classroom we will be preparing for Easter by focusing on prayer, giving to the poor and fasting (from negative habits). There is a prayer cross in the hallway for all students to write a prayer. You can too, just jot down your prayer and attach it to the cross.

Religion Note- The class is collecting brown rice for Northwest Harvest as a service project. Please send in a box or bag of brown rice if you can. One idea is to have your child save their own money to buy a box of rice at the grocery store.Every little bit helps someone in need.

I will be sending the Catholic Relief Services, rice bowls home on Wednesday. Please collect as you can and return to the church during Holy Week.

Thank you for all that you do for the school and your continued support of me, as I teach your wonderful children.

Lisa Castillo

The Week of February 6th to 10th

Dear Parents,

Catholic School’s Week was an affirming week of celebration for our class and school. Thank you for sending your children to school in their spirit wear each day. It was fun for them to have days in which they could wear hats, sweatshirts and crazy socks. Thank you to the acting principals, Declan and Gavin LaMotte, for all of their great ideas to make Friday so fun. The nacho bar lunch was a big hit.


This is our week in preview:

Religion– Students will continue to memorize The Apostle’s Creed in class. We are also working on kindness, patience, and friendship skills.

Writing– Students are learning the parts of a prodigious paragraph this week and next. They have improved their sensational sentence writing and are now ready to launch into the world of the perfect paragraph.

Spelling- Students will receive the National Spelling Bee list to practice for the school spelling bee on February 16th. The spelling bee is a no stress voluntary activity. Please know that this is the 3rd graders first year to join the bee. Think of this as a practice year.

Math- Students continue to memorize their multiplication facts. Please work each day for at least 15 minutes with flashcards, games, worksheets, songs, or whatever strategy works for your child. We are connecting multiplication with division in our daily lessons.

Social Studies- Students will begin the process of learning where all 50 states are located in the United States. We will also review geography place names, rivers, mountains and bodies of water in North America.

Science-Students wrapped up their weather unit by asking excellent science questions. Then they used I-pads to research and answer their questions.


Two items that are coming up:  Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Please give valentines to each child if you want to participate. Candy attached to the valentine is okay too. We will have a  party on this day, please see the sign-up-genius if you are interested in helping.

The spelling bee is  on the 16th. That is also a half day with no school on the 17th, 20th and 21st.