Catholic Schools Week 2017

Sunday- Celebrating Our Parish

Mass at 10:30 with open house to follow. Thank you to the students and parents that visited. I’m sorry I missed you because I had the flu. A special Thank you to Mrs. Manley for welcoming families to the open house.

Monday- Celebrating Our Community

This is a free dress day for students. Please bring in one canned food for the food drive. We will write letters to the local police department thanking them for their service to the community.

Tuesday- Celebrating Our Volunteers

This is a uniform day with crazy socks too. Posters made by students will be shown during morning drop off. A special thank you to all of the wonderful parent volunteers in the classroom, library and drivers for field trips.

Wednesday- Celebrating Our Nation

This is a uniform day with a sweatshirt of choice. Today we have the Geography Bee for grades 4-8. The 3rd graders watch and cheer on friends and siblings.

Thursday- Celebrating Vocations and Teachers

This is a uniform day with a hat that can be worn all day. Many parents have a calling for their work. Thank you to all vocations today. Thank you in advance for the beautiful flowers received by teachers today.

Friday- Celebrating Our Students

This is our annual Purple and Gold Homecoming Day. Students may paint faces, color hair and basically get a little crazy. A lunch will be provided for all students. At 1:30 the gym will have games and fun activities for all students.

The Week of January 17th to 20th

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a fun three day weekend and  Martin Luther King holiday. The middle school performed  at an assembly honoring M.L.King today for the whole school. It was very moving to hear and see the students sing about equality, peace and kindness.

I want to remind you of the Accreditation visit coming up on Monday, January 23rd. There is a 2:00 dismissal this day. All students will need to be in dress uniform for that day. Please make sure there are no red shirts and your child has on a clean navy blue sweatshirt. Many children forget and have to look through the discarded and dirty clothes in the lost and found. It always looks best when the children are in dress uniform. Thank you for helping us look our best for the visiting team.

Religion-The focus is on the School Wide Learning Expectations. The students are becoming aware of the learning that happens in each subject. Thinking about your own learning or meta-cognition, is a skill that begins to develop in the 3rd grade.There are three focus areas: Christ Centered, Active Learner and Empowered Disciple. Look at the bulletin board in the hallway for all of the ways the Intermediate department completes the S.L.E.’s.

Math- Multiplication fact memorization is going slowly. Please, please practice facts at home each night for 15 minutes in addition to other math homework. Students need to commit to memorizing facts from 0 to 12. Memorization is hard work but if practiced each night, it becomes doable. Your child needs your help with this. There are many ways to memorize facts: worksheets, flash cards, games, apps, songs, etc. Try them all out to see which one works with your child.

Reading- Students are beginning a new fiction novel and writing about characters, setting, problems and solutions. Students are also reading non-fiction (informational) texts with Achieve 3,000. Text features are being reviewed as the students learn to read informational texts.  Please encourage 25 minutes or more of reading every night. Students will improve their reading skills by reading good fit books within their Lexile levels.

Writing- The students are continuing to focus on sensational sentences with correct punctuation, capitalization, impressive adjectives and interesting word choice. Next we will be writing prodigious paragraphs.

Science– The weather unit is going well. This week we will create a rain gauge to measure water to the nearest 1/2 inch and millimeter. Students are enjoying tracking our local weather and studying weather on the 7 continents. They are creating a book of all of their research.




The Week of January 3rd to January 6th

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school! The students were happy to see one another and get back to work quickly. They were full of fun stories about trips, movies, skiing and hanging out with family and friends. It is very nice to see them again.

Thank you for sending your children to school in warm clothes. The hats, scarves and gloves help keep the students warm. Today at first recess, the 30 degree weather proved to be challenging but the 28 degree morning line up was absolutely arctic. This is a good time for warm boots! Please remember that if your child wears boots, they also need a pair of regular shoes to wear in the classroom.

Hot lunch is going very well. Overall, the students enjoy each meal and very little waste occurs. The portion size is just right and the food is kid friendly. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to sign up for February. Unfortunately, January sign up is already closed.

Religion- The students are finishing up memorizing Mass responses. They will also learn The Apostle’s Creed.

Math- Multiplication has begun! The students know three strategies to show their understanding of multiplication: grouping, draw an array and repeated addition. Students will memorize math facts and take a quiz in class to show speed and accuracy skills. They are working on an ice cream sundae challenge to encourage memorization. Look for handouts explaining this challenge.

Reading– Students are reading informational texts in small groups. Strategies to read these texts are used each day. When you are reading in your home or out in the world, look for: titles, headings, sub-titles, captions, photos, maps, graphs, bold print and sidebars. A great place to find these text features is the grocery store or on Amazon, if you shop online.

Writing- Students are focusing on sensational sentence structure and types of sentences. Homework has changed from a one sentence summary to  one sentence picked from reading homework and edited to show capitalization and punctuation.

Science– We will begin a weather unit soon. Look for more details to come.

Thank you for all of the wonderful Christmas presents. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Lisa Castillo