Week of October 31st to November 4th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to conferences. It was very nice to see you and discuss your child’s education. I want to let you know of a wonderful resource for looking up Lexile books and checking on levels of a book that your child might be currently reading.

Lexile-Find a Book

Remember that going up 100 Lexile points or down 100 points keeps your child reading within their “good fit” range for reading growth and development. For example: if your child is reading at the 550 Lexile level a good fit book might be, Skater’s Secret by Jake Maddox-460 Lexile or Football Stars by Sydelle Kramer-540 Lexile.

Field Trip-

Our field trip is on Wednesday to the UW Botanic Gardens from 9:30 to 12:00. We will eat a snack in the car but eat lunch when we get back to school. The students will be learning about Native plants and people.

Our next field trip will be to see The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, on November 15th, from 9:00 to 12:00. We will eat our brown bag lunch at the Seattle Center. If you would like to drive ,there is an additional cost for parents of $14. The forms are due back by November 7th.


Please continue to practice addition facts and especially subtraction facts. We are starting chapter three in the Math book which is all about subtraction strategies and skills.


The Week of October 17th


The closing day to sign up for conferences is Friday, October 21st at 3:00. Please sign up for conferences soon. I am missing a handful of families and I would like to meet with every family.

At the 15 minute conferences next week, we will discuss:

  • Map test score results
  • Achieve-Lexile scores and what they mean
  • SLE’s accomplished this year
  • Overall progress/student self evaluation
  • Any questions you might have

Social Studies- Native Americans

The students are working hard on posters and books that are jammed with facts and drawings about their tribe and region. If your child would like to make an artifact like a tool or a model of a tipi (teepee), that is a task to be finished at home. This is extra and not required.

The presentation of posters, books and artifacts will be Monday, October 24th. I will let you know by Friday if the students will need more time to finish the in class writing. However, artifacts can come in on Monday.


The students are working hard in Math class. They are estimating, rounding and adding three and four digit numbers. They have learned the 3 properties of addition. Ask your daughter or son what the Identity property is (add zero to any number and the sum is that number). Or ask how the Commutative and Associative properties help us when we add. As a refresher, the Commutative property changes the order of the digits but the sum remains the same. The Associative property uses parentheses to group digits but the grouping does not change the sum.

Math Facts- Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts each night so that your child knows the 1-20 facts by heart.


Week of October 10th

Dear Parents,

Last week the students became stewards of the earth, one of our SLE’s, and cleaned the litter off of the playground and play pit area. They certainly didn’t realize there was so much garbage on the school grounds, until they looked closely.

dsc01431 dsc01432 dsc01433

Three big bags later and the students were feeling very proud of themselves.

Social Studies-

The Native American project due date is October 24th. If more time is needed we can extend the due date. All writing on posters or creation of a book will be accomplished at school. If your child wants to create a model of a house, paint a picture, make a weapon or craft, that should be accomplished at home. Every student will have a written project but not every child will have a model or artistic object to share. For some the poster or book is enough. For others the additional model is exciting and challenging. Please help your child make the best decision for her or him.


The students are investigating addition strategies in math class. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts each night for 10 to 15 minutes. Mathletics is a great additional activity to do after homework and math facts are finished. By November 1st, all addition and subtraction facts should be memorized by heart. Thank you for your help with this skill.


This week the students are focusing on God’s great gifts. We took an “awe” walk yesterday to see the beauty in nature. When you are out and about, point out interesting seeds, flowers, leaves, clouds, trees, etc.  The students are coming to me each day with a tale of awe.


The students are using the Achieve 3000 website twice a week in class and I am assigning it as reading homework twice a week too. Your child knows their sign in information. If they forget, it will be written on their homework planner sheet. The idea behind Achieve 3000 is to improve reading skills and improve Lexile levels. We will discuss Lexile levels at conference time.


Thank you for signing up for conferences. Reminders will be sent to you by the sign up genius site a few days before your conference. Let me know if you have to reschedule and I will do my best to fit you in. I’m looking forward to seeing you on October 26, 27 or 28th.

The Week of October 3, 2016

Dear Parents,

Wednesday is an all school Mass at 8:50. Please join us if you can. We sit on the left, facing the altar and we would love to have you sit with us as our guests.

Also, Wednesday is our walking field trip at 1:15 to 2:15. If you have volunteered to walk, please meet at the classroom at 1:15. If you would like to walk but didn’t sign up yet, it’s not too late!! The more the merrier for field trips. Please send in library cards with students and make sure they are clearly labeled.

Social Studies– Students chose a region and a tribe today. Each child has a note card with this information on it. Please ask your child which interesting tribe she/he will be investigating.  More information about the report will come home this week.

Math– Students have completed and been tested on place value, rounding, comparing numbers and solving word problems. The next chapter relates addition to subtraction. The students will be using their math fact skills. Thank you for practicing each night for 15 minutes. Those addition and subtraction facts 1-20 need to be known by heart.

Religion– We are learning the parts of the Mass and how to act in church. We will continue to learn skills for problem solving in class and on the playground.

Writing- The Native American legends are finished and turned out very well. They are currently in the class library for all the students to read. The next writing assignment is an opinion paper about if students should or shouldn’t wear uniforms to school. You will be happy to learn that most students like their uniform.

 Reading- Please continue to make sure that students have an excellent good fit book each day. The strategy this week is “make connections”. Students are asked, “How can you connect to yourself, the world or your life?”