Week of September 26th

Dear Parents,

We had a tragic day last week when the bad news spread that one of our families lost their Dad to a bike accident. The school came together to write prayer cards and pray in a prayer service. The students were saddened by the news and might have questions for you at home. Let’s hope that this week brings healing for the family.

Monday- The students are finishing up writing and illustrating their own legend that is fashioned after a Native American legend of their choice. The 3rd graders are creative writers and are showing their skills with punctuation, capitalization and spelling.

Tuesday- Today we will begin the Map test. The first test is the Reading test and should take about 90 minutes. Many breaks will be given to rest the brain. Please pack protein filled snacks and lunch for these testing days.

We will meet our preschool buddies today for a short introductory lesson. Mrs. Vanessa Castillo and I partner up each year to guide the students in leadership skills with their preschool buddies. It really is a joy to see.

Wednesday- Testing continues today with Language Usage, this test will be 90 minutes also.

Thursday- We will finish up with Math testing.

Friday- No spelling test today. In fact, no spelling this week because of testing

Results will be shared with parents soon.

Week of September 19th

A BIG thank you to everyone for supporting the very successful Jog-a-thon!! I haven’t heard the final numbers yet but we reached and exceeded our $60,000 goal. It was fun to see all of you there supporting the 3rd graders. I know they appreciated your support, cheers, water and fruit.


The students are finishing up a turtle legend about Turtle Island. Ask them what the Iroquois tribe calls North America. This week they will write their own Native American legend.

In Math students are learning the importance of rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. The students are learning to use the word “about” when rounding. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction math facts each day at home.

I am sending home a letter in today’s homework that explains our new reading program, Achieve 3000. There are directions for you to try the program at home. Please let me know if you have trouble with the program. If you use a laptop you will see the whole program, while the app on an Ipad only shows parts.

Your child’s Lexile level will increase as they read fiction and nonfiction books and articles. Please encourage “good fit” books in the Lexile range too. More Lexile information will come home soon.

In religion students are continuing to learn how to be productive students with listening and focusing skills. Self talk is also a strategy to help students refocus their attention on their learning.

Week of September 12th

Just a few reminders:

This week is the big push for the Jog-a-thon fund raiser. So far $35,000 has been raised and $60,000 is the overall goal. Please turn in coupons for the drawing for the trampoline by Thursday.  T-shirts will be handed out on Wednesday to all students. The t-shirts can be colored with markers if your child wants to.  Friday is a sporty free dress day. More free dress directions will come from Mrs. O’Leary. The running begins at 9:00 for the school and I will send out the specific time for the 3rd graders soon, so you can plan to come to school and cheer on the runners.


Place value will be studied as we learn and review about three forms of numbers: standard form, word form and expanded form



The students read and listed great manners for the classroom. Some are: say please and thank you, don’t interrupt, say excuse me and no put downs.


Social Studies-

Students will listen to and learn the parts of a Native American legend. Late in the week, students will write their own legend.

Achieve 3,000-

Students will continue to practice reading informative articles and responding to questions. The students are enjoying this new format. Look for more information to go home next week.



Week of September 6th

Dear Parents,

I enjoyed meeting all of you at Curriculum Night last Thursday. It is a pleasure to teach your children. As we work together throughout the year, please feel free to email questions you may have.

The weather has changed, so please send in a rain jacket each day. We go outside for exercise most days, rain or shine.

The word for the week is: Neuroplasticity

Ask your child what it means. Prompt them with the words: stretch, grow, change


We talked about St. Mother Teresa and her important life. We wondered what to call her now, Mother Teresa, St. Teresa or St. Mother Teresa. Even the Pope wondered how we can chnge the habit of calling this great woman Mother Teresa.

We are reviewing the Kelso program during religion. How do student? ignore it/?go to another game? talk it out? apologize? tell them to stop? make a deal?


We are reviewing 2nd grade skills and assessing. Some practice for home, addition, subtraction, place value, time and money.


Brain lessons are beginning as we talk about the parts of the brain and their function. Look for a diagram in the hallway this week. Listen for “brain” words, cerebrum, cerebellum, pre-frontal cortex, hippocampus and the amygdala.