Welcome Back to School!!!

Dear Team,

Hello! Welcome to 3rd grade and the BIG BUILDING!! I met half of the class today when they dropped off supplies and organized desks. I will see the other half of the class tomorrow, Tuesday, August 30th, at 8:15.  Please meet me in line on the play field at the 3rd grade spot, just west of the gate on 80th street.

Curriculum Night is early this year, Thursday, September 1st, at 7:00. Most likely we will be in Egan Hall, unless the renovations aren’t finished. I will let you know if there is a change.

Reminders: Please have your child bring a chapter book at their level for the first day of school. Also, several sharpened pencils will allow work to begin smoothly. A healthy snack for the first day will be a fantastic way to refuel your child’s brain.

I am excited to see you all and get started on a wonderful year together.

God Bless

Mrs. Lisa Castillo