Week of May 2nd through 6th

Monday- Students will visit the 3 day preschool to lead in a seed planting activity. Their buddies always look forward to working together on a project. Look here for photos soon.

Tuesday-Students are preparing for the Muffins for Moms breakfast on Friday. Please come to the classroom from morning drop off to 9:00. The students are also practicing the rosary as they prepare for the special Mary rosary and crowning on Wednesday. Dress uniform for Wednesday please.

Wednesday– Mary crowning and rosary today at 9:30 in the church. Please join us if you can. Students may bring in a rosary and a flower. Dress uniform today. No shorts please.

Thursday- Today is a free dress day for the students as they get ready for the Jump Rope for Heart activities from 12:30 to 2:30.  Students may wear shorts and sweats or other athletic wear. No yoga style pants or leggings please. Please send in donations for the American Heart Association or use the online sign up link on the packet that was sent out last week. If you need another packet let me know.

Friday- Today is our Mother’s Day celebration!! Please come to the classroom from morning drop off to 9:00 to have a bite to eat and hear a few fun songs. Your child is looking forward to hosting you! Today is also the Dick’s lunch for 15 auction participants. If you bought this item at the auction, this is your day off from making a lunch!

The Burke Museum

Thank you to Mrs. Ando, Mr. Harader, Mrs. Martin, Mr. McMurtrie, Mrs. Merlino and Mr. Sala for driving and chaperoning at the field trip today. The students were well informed and well prepared when interacting with the scientists at the museum and completing the tasks given to them.

Please enjoy the pictures below.

IMG_1581 IMG_1580 IMG_1585 IMG_1584

Positive Parenting by Love and Logic

Dear Parents,

Sometimes springtime is a time of late nights, rushed mornings and forgotten homework folders. The extra daylight makes us all stay up too late and the excitement of impending summer increases with every warm, sunny day. Sometimes tempers flare and voices are raised. The Love and Logic folks know this and have a bit of wisdom to pass along. I have used this particular technique with my own children as they were growing up and even now when we are all together, I will let them over hear a compliment or two. The idea behind the compliment is to look at the positive qualities in your child during these busy, rushed days.

Let your children over hear you talk about them. They love to think that they know a secret. Whisper loud enough for them to hear you give them a compliment about something that has been hard for them, such as learning the new spelling list or multiplication facts. This strategy is very powerful and replaces the wordy “talks” that sometimes make children’s eyes gloss over. I remember using this when my daughter was having a challenging time with a friend. I said to my husband, “I’m so happy to see Jenny making a new friend and she seems so happy. She is so strong and resilient. What a great kid!”

Give specific details when you talk about them and make sure they over hear you! Good luck and let me know if it works.

Week of April 18th

Monday- A warm 84 degree day today but the students made the best of it with lights low and the ceiling fans on high. Enjoy this beautiful April day.

Tuesday-Students will measure the length and footprints of dinosaurs today during science. Ask your scientist what a paleontologist is or what a fossil is. They are very knowledgeable about the different forms of fossils but their personal favorites are any fossils from dinosaur remains, especially coprolites.

Dress uniform on Wednesday for Mass at 9:00, join us if you can.

Wednesday– Mass today at 9:00. Students just found out that Fern can understand the animals in Mr. Zuckerman’s barn, in Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte has hatched a plan to save Wilbur from the spring slaughter. The book is getting exciting as we see what friendship and loyalty looks like between animals and humans in the barn.

Thursday- We have a jump rope assembly today to get the students excited for the Jump Rope for Heart fund raiser for The American Heart Association. More information will come home soon about this.

Friday- Earth Day- The students will be picking up litter around school today in celebration of Earth day. We will also paint the new rain barrels in the garden area. Thank you to the gardening moms for listening to these young scientists’ pleas for a rain barrel.

The Poetry Contest is a Success!

Poetry is so much fun!!!

IMG_1554 copy

Third graders are natural poets because they have no editor. They see the world as a magical place and it shows in their writing. I am happy to report that all of the students in the class contributed at least one Haiku for the poetry contest. Soon we will know the winners to the contest.

We are writing Haiku, Cinquain, Diamonte, Simile, Bio and Dada poems in class. The students are beginning the writing process with  brainstorming, then creating the rough draft, revising, editing, final draft and finally publishing their poems and collecting them in their poetry folders.

Springtime is a great time to get outside, observe nature and write a poem. Enjoy this creative time with your 3rd grader!