Holy Week is Here!


March 21, 2016


This is a week of thoughtful meditation and slowing down. Homework will be lessened as we focus toward Good Friday and Easter day.

Thursday-If you have a rice bowl for CRS, please bring it to Thursday evening Mass or the students can bring the rice bowl to Stations of the Cross on Friday at 2:00. Please join us for this special and moving shadow stations on Friday at 2:00.

Good FridayThe students will leave school on Friday at dismissal time, 3:00, in complete silence. Please help them with this beautiful gesture of reverence by not speaking until you get off of school grounds. Maybe a fun challenge for your family would be to remain silent as a contest to see how long you can go without speaking.

My hope is that you have a restful and renewing Easter holiday. Enjoy the sun, which is rumored to shine for us, and come back refreshed and ready to finish the year strong. We are in the 3rd trimester now and the students are showing growth and maturity in all areas.

Thank you for all of the teamwork necessary to educate these fantastic third graders!

God Bless,

Lisa Castillo

Math Build Day!!

Today in math class, students used their math brain to build with their imaginations. Some spelled out words with chess pieces. Others created a number with Legos. While others found building with foam shapes to create their favorite fictional character, Hagrid, was the perfect creative outlet.

Please enjoy these photos.


Week of March 14th

Monday- Iditarod continues this week as the students follow their musher from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Many mushers are currently in Cripple or Ruby, about half way through the 1,000 mile race. Students update a data sheet, write in their journal, follow along on a map and use the laptops to see the live GPS feed and current videos about the mushers. It is amazing to see how much the mushers love their dogs.

Tuesday– Math continues with fractions as we prepare for the chapter test. Students are learning about equivalent fractions, comparing fractions on a number line, writing fractions as whole numbers, comparing fractions and labeling drawings of fractions as represented by a shaded drawing.

Wednesday-Our religion focus is Lent as we prepare for Holy Week. Students are keeping track of the days as we get close to the 40 day mark. Today is the 31st day of Lent. The students are excited to celebrate Palm Sunday with their families this Sunday.

Thursday- March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day  Wear green!! Come to drop off early this morning to hear the bag pipers pipe us into our day. What a special way to begin St. Patrick’s Day! This is a half day for students  as teachers have an in-service day to work on the school accreditation process.

Please bring a $1 or more donation for the Greenwood Association to help rebuild the many businesses impacted by the explosion.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 1.20.35 PM

Report cards come home today that reflect the hard work from the 2nd trimester. Along with the report card, there will be a new STAR test report showing reading progress. All students have improved in their reading level! Please keep both the report card and the STAR results for your files. Return the envelope to the classroom, so that I can use them one more time for the last report card of the year.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation

The sacrament of Reconciliation was a special experience for the third graders on Wednesday. We prepared in the classroom by reciting the Act of Contrition. The students practiced roll playing being Father and then being a student as they said their part of the sacrament.

Afterward there were many smiles and uplifted hearts as the students walked back to the pews for a penance of prayer.

See below, photos of reflections from today’s writing about prayer and the  response to the Greenwood explosion.

IMG_1424IMG_1423IMG_1419 IMG_1420

Prayers for Greenwood

The students were full of stories about the explosion on Wednesday morning. Many students reported booms, rocking houses and a few broken dishes. I even spoke with Mrs. Kathy Kelly and she reported hearing the loud explosion way up in Shoreline!

Our prayers go out to the businesses and families impacted by the natural gas explosion. St. John is doing a fund raiser next Thursday, March 17th, students may wear green and bring a $1.00 or more donation to help the businesses impacted by the explosion.

Here is a photo from Greenwood Elementary.