February 1st-Catholic Schools Week

Monday- February 1st-Community Day

All students have free dress. Please bring in one can of food for the food bank.

Tuesday- February 2nd- Volunteer Appreciation Day

Thank you to all of the wonderful parent volunteers! Also, today is the Spelling Bee at 1:00 in Egan Hall. Marin and Em will represent our class as they compete against students in 3rd through 8th grade.

Wednesday- February 3rd- Vocation Day

A special visit from Althea’s mom to tell us about her vocation of nursing. Thank you to all parents with a special vocation.

Thursday- February 4th-Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day

Thank you to parents for providing a wonderful luncheon for us. It is always appreciated to not pack your own lunch!

Friday- February 5th-Student Appreciation Day

Purple and gold dress up day. Face paint and hair is allowed today. Free hot dog lunch, with a celebration in the gym at 1:00.


6th Grade Buddies

We visited our buddy class to learn about the ancient world. The 6th graders taught their 3rd grade guests about Egyptian tombs and how to write hieroglyphics. Ask your child what the jars in the tomb had in them. What was the main method of removing the brain?

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January 19th News

Field Trip- Our field to The Burke Museum will be on Wednesday, February 10th at 12:00 to 2:30. The field trip forms came home already and there is a small fee of $8.50, by check made payable to St. John School. If you would like to drive please let me know as soon as possible.

Religion- Gratefulness booklets are being completed the first three weeks of January. Students are using their Mindfulness skills as well as exploring the new Student Learning Expectations-SLE’s- to focus on what they are grateful for.

Math-Division as a connector to multiplication is the focus in January. Students continue to memorize math facts for multiplication 0 through 12. Many students have completed their tests through 6’s. Please practice each day for 15 minutes to pop those facts into the long term memories of your child. Any methods you choose will work: flash cards, games, sing them, write them, repeat.

Reading and Writing– Genres are a huge part of 3rd grade reading. Students are completing a Genre Challenge this month. Each student will read one or more books in each of the 10 main genres: fantasy, science fiction, realistic fiction, mystery, traditional literature, historical fiction, biography, autobiography, poetry and informational (non-fiction). Look for writing about your child’s favorite genre for Catholic School’s Week, January 31st, 10:30 Mass and Open House.

Science-Weather impacts our everyday choices. Students are collecting data on temperature and the sun cycle as we explore weather in January. Data will be graphed and a weather book concerning weather from all 7 continents will be completed. Talk about weather at home, watch the weather on the internet, ask your child about what they predict the weather will do today.

Social Studies– The Pledge of Allegiance is said daily across the country. Students have defined the words and have rewritten the pledge in understandable language.

“I promise loyalty to the flag of the United States of America, and to the government for which it stands, one nation under God, together with freedom and fairness for all.”


Technology- Laptops and I-pads are used in the 3rd grade classroom on a weekly basis. Students are using I-pads to build math skills. Laptops are used once a week to increase typing speed and accuracy. The website, typing.com is a good one and it’s free with no sign ins.