Week of November 23rd


Mass begins at 9:00. Please join the third graders as they lead the Mass with the 6th graders. We will process in with cans of food that represent the 100’s of cans of food provided by the St. John community.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.00.27 PM

Today the students will finish the turkey point of view story and take the last AR tests of the trimester. In Math, students will be tested on subtraction skills. We continue to investigate magnets in science.

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach your children. My hope is that you have a peace filled Thanksgiving break. I will see you all Monday, November 30th, the beginning of the new trimester and Advent.

Week of November 16th


I attended a wonderful Love and Logic workshop today. Look for handouts coming your way to use at home to help with homework, bedtime, challenging times with children.



Music this week is preparation time for the performance for Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day on Thursday at 11:00.

Math continues with strategies to solve subtraction problems. The students are working hard with base ten blocks to model how they worked out a subtraction problem.

DSC01329 DSC01328 DSC01325

In writing the students have started a story about Thanksgiving Day from the turkey’s point of view. How did Mr. or Mrs. Turkey feel as preparations for the holiday came near? What should they do? Stay tuned for these creative stories to come home in time to be read at your Thanksgiving gathering.


Pizza day for students is always a favorite. Tomorrow is a Dress Uniform day for Grandparent’s Day. Students will have the use of I-pads during Math to draw models of subtraction problems.



Please have grandparents and friends arrive at the classroom at 10:50.  Lunches can come to school with your child and be stored there too. If you would like to bring their lunch and meet your child at the classroom at 10:50, that works well too. If you are unable to have someone come for your child, please let me know so I can buddy her/him up for lunchtime in Egan Hall. I always enjoy this day of generational joy and happiness. The grandparents absolutely glow with happiness when they see their grandchildren sing at the luncheon!


In Science the students are beginning a unit about magnets. Today the wonderful art moms will be leading an art project using paint and magnets. It sounds like messy fun!! Come in and help if you can. The time is tba.


6th Grade Buddies Are So Helpful!!

Today during Social Studies our 6th grade buddies came in to help create a Native American picture story. The students brain stormed, wrote a rough draft, edited and published a final draft. Here are a few photos of the learning process. When you come to Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day on November 19th all of the picture stories will be up in Egan Hall.

DSC01324 DSC01322 DSC01319 DSC01320 DSC01323

Week of November 9th


The students made incredible cards for the homeless in our area.  The Sleepless in Seattle Project will give sleeping bags and bags of essentials to homeless people across the city on November 21st. Look for the event in our local news, it’s called The Give Big Day. Our small part was to make comforting cards to put into each bag. The 3rd graders were so engaged in the process that many made 2 and 3 cards each!

DSC01314 DSC01315


Today the students are learning about Veteran’s Day and why they have a day off tomorrow. Ask your child why the number “11” is so important.

Tuesday is also Music and PE day. The students are enjoying our new PE teacher, Miss Maria Tsagalakis, very much!


Wednesday- Veteran’s Day


Dr. Berger is nearing the end of his twice weekly visits to teach the students about how to practice mindfulness. This week the students are practicing how to observe their surroundings with a new view. For example, “What do you see in your house that you have never noticed before?” Some students noticed new physical items and some noticed items that are in a new place.


Art in the Mezzanine with Mrs. Desclos is always a bright spot in the day. We will have the weekly spelling test and wrap up the Native American unit with fact packed posters made by each child.


Pre- K Buddies Are So Fun!!!

Today we had a chance to go to the three day preschool classroom and meet our new buddies. The third graders enjoyed playing the Montessori way. Many of the students attended the preschool here at St. John, so the toys were familiar to them.

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