Conferences Are A Wrap!

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Thank you for coming to conferences and listening to your child explain how the 3rd grade year is going so far. I enjoyed meeting and talking to each one of you about academic topics as well as the social emotional well being of your child. The 1st trimester will end before the Thanksgiving break and the students have already shown academic growth and independence.

Please continue to check over homework, read together, challenge your child with math problems and enjoy the process without too much stress on the product. Third grade is a learning to learn year and growth will come with practice and an emphasis on the joy of learning.

Week of November 2nd


Monday, November 2, 2015 is All Souls Day

Please have your child wear their dress uniform on Monday for Mass at 9:00 and join us if you can.

This week we will be beginning a new book entitled,The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson. It is a funny book about love and forgiveness.

Our 6th grade buddies will be doing a Native American art activity with us this week. We will create stories using pictures in a style used before a written language was established.

All students will be creating a poster in class about their Native American tribes. The students are prepared to share their learning from reading, discussions and taking notes on their tribes. Short presentations will explain the posters on Thursday and Friday. We are ready to hear the student experts share their knowledge!

Mindfulness with Dr. Berger is going very well each Tuesday and Thursday for 15 minutes. This week students have homework. They are to notice when someone is being generous and when they are showing generosity to others.

Week of 10/26/15

Monday and Tuesday-

This will be a short week so no homework folders will come home.

The students will have math homework on Monday: Lesson #8 and Mathletics for 10 minutes.

Also, please have your child read each night for 20 minutes or more.


I am looking forward to seeing you all for conferences. Please be on time and I will try my best to stay on schedule too. Fifteen minutes with a 5 minute passing period goes by very quickly. Please have all questions and concerns ready and we will address as much as we can. If more time is needed we can make an appointment for a later date.


Virtus: Touching Safety Lessons

This Friday will be the first of two lessons from the Safe Environment Office at the Archdiocese of Seattle. The  Teaching Touching Safety curriculum is part of the Protecting God’s Children program.

I sent an opt out letter home on Tuesday to let you know what the lesson will be about and to give you an opportunity to opt out if you want to. If you choose this option, please detach the bottom of the letter, sign and date it. Then put it in your child’s homework folder. Students who opt out will be supervised in another room and read or work on math skills.

Here is the link to the guide for parents and guardians. It is 18 pages long so I was unable to print it and send it home. Read through it to answer all of your questions. Click Here

The second lesson will be in March and I will send you the lesson plan and another opt out form at that time.

If you have any questions about this program please ask.

The Arboretum-October 13, 2015

DSC01275DSC01279DSC01289IMG_2025IMG_2061IMG_2058IMG_2050IMG_2033IMG_2030The Arboretum was very educational! The students learned about native plants and their uses, how to build a cedar building, how to use hand lenses, make fire without matches, the names of 5 trees and what a Douglas Fir tree looks like after lightning strikes it. Thank you to the parent chaperones and our wonderful guides Sonja and Lisa at the Arboretum.