The Weeks of May 30th to June 9th

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that this is the last web post of the year. The year has gone very quickly because we were so busy learning great things! The student portfolios will come home on Monday. Please look through the portfolios with your child. The collection shows work from each trimester and a self evaluation.

Also, please send in two reusable grocery bags for taking desk contents home. We will be cleaning out desks next Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you!

Here are a few dates to remember:

Thursday, June 1st– Buddy Lunch- lunch provided for all students

Saturday, June 3rd-School’s Almost Out-Pig Out, 6:00

Sunday, June 4th– Baccalaureate Mass, 10:30

Tuesday, June 6th-8th grade farewell assembly 1:45 in the gym

Wednesday, June 7th– Auction Ice Cream Party, “Skipping School for Sundaes”

Thursday, June 8th– Field Day, 9:00 to 12:30, volunteer sign ups are coming home soon

Thursday, June 8th– Graduation in church at 6:45

Friday, June 9th– Last Day- dismissal at 10:00

Thank you for a wonderful year. I hope you have a summer filled with reading, relaxing and sunny days.

God bless you and your family.

Mrs. Lisa Castillo



The Weeks of May 15-26th

Dear Parents,

I  hope all of the moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day! The poem your child  wrote for you was based on  a book I read to them called, Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. There is a part that makes me tear up every time. The poem is filled with figurative language and hopefully captured clear ideas to show you how much your child loves you.

After the busy days of last week, this week looks like a regular pace.

Dates to Remember:

May 16-17-18-19- Middle School Trips

May 17th- Cantionis at the Mariner’s Game

May 18th- Art and Chess Clubs

May 21st- Girls on the Run-5k-Good luck girls!!

May 22nd- Pizza for Peru

May 25th-Art and Chess Clubs

May 29th- Memorial Day Holiday

Students can enter the contest to design the Jog-a-thon tshirt and poster. The due date is June 2nd. Please submit all entries to the office. We brainstormed in class and started design ideas. Some students have finished their design and have turned it into the office already. Students can submit more than one entry. Good luck to all of the third graders. Last year several third grade ideas were used for the tshirt and poster.

Reading and Writing- The students are reading the classic book, Charlotte’s Web and writing about the themes, character traits, and reading comprehension questions.

The students are also reading 2 books from the author, Mike Thaler, the writer of the black lagoon stories. The students are writing their own black lagoon story.

Math- Perimeter and Area The students are comparing distance around an object and on the surface of objects.

Geography- Students are reviewing and studying the last 20 states on the east coast. All 50 states are known by their location on the map.

Have a wonderful week. Please email questions to me.

Thank you,

Lisa Castillo

May 1st through 12th and More

Dear Parents,

The next few weeks are bust ones for the third graders. I want to highlight the most important days to remember.

May 1st is the crowning of Mary and rosary in the church at 9:00 am. Students should wear dress uniform and bring a flower for Mary. Please join us if you can.

Map Testing begins for our class on May 9th, 10th, 11th from 8:30 to 10:00. Please don’t schedule an appointment at this time and make sure your child has a substantial breakfast.

May 10th is Bike to School Day. Bikes can be parked on the playground around the fence.

May 11th is a busy day!! Students have free dress for Jump Rope for Heart, the American Heart Association activity. The Spring Concert is in the evening at 7:00 pm. Students will wear Sunday best and meet in the classroom at 6:45.

May 12th– In the morning students will meet in the classroom at 7:30 for breakfast. This is an auction purchase and open to all current 3rd graders. More specific information will come home to those who purchase this auction item.

May 14th-Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms.

May 19th- All donations are due for the American Heart Association. Please make checks payable to this great organization. No cash please.

Please email with questions.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lisa Castillo

Holy Week-April 10th to 14th

Dear Parents,

We had an unexpected, early deliver of my grandson, Miles Joseph Twining, on Monday, April 10th. This early bird changed plans and disrupted my Holy Week posting. However, babies don’t wait for schedules and calendars! He is doing well and is at home with his mom and dad. He is a blessing for our family!


Religion- This week and last week we have been taught by students as they share a song, quote, action word, prayer and special artifacts for the prayer table. They have been working collaboratively in teams. The students have enjoyed this Prayer Table Project very much.


Reading- On March 30th the students dressed and spoke as a favorite fictional character. The students shared their character trait charts with 6th grade buddies. Students read favorite parts of their books and played a,Who Am I? game. Check out the photos below.


Science- The field trip to the Burke Museum was a learning sensation. The students had a wonderful introduction to fossils. We will continue learning about fossils in class.

IMG_2411IMG_2393IMG_2419 IMG_2430

Math– We are continuing with fractions and telling time to the minute. Students are reviewing math facts from 0-12 and taking a short quiz.

Please have a wonderful Easter and Easter break. I will see you all on April 24th.

God Bless!

Lisa Castillo


The Weeks of March 20th to March 31st

Dear Parents,

The Math celebration on Friday was a blast. The students loaded up with ice cream sundaes and then settled down to a movie about Balto and the Iditarod sled dog race. All students mastered their 0-12 times tables to earn the sundae. It was also St. Patrick’s Day and the students enjoyed green free dress. What a fun day for everyone!


Math- The students have a new math book to finish out the year. The old book was sent home and can be used as a workbook for the 3 chapters at the end of the book that reviewed  multiplication and division. The students are excited to learn more about Geometry. There are many more vocabulary words to know for Geometry. Look for fun at home Geometry activities coming soon.

Religion- The students are participating in a class Mass with their 6th grade buddies on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 8:20. Please join us in church if you can.

On Friday, March 24th, the class and their 6th grade buddies will lead the school in Stations of the Cross, at 2:30. Please join us if you can.

Iditarod-All mushers are in and resting in Nome, Alaska. The students were challenged each day to record data and journal about where their musher was on the 1,000 mile trail. Some mushers scratched and a replacement was then followed. The winner this year is Laurel , who picked Mitch Seavey as the winner. Our last place winner, The Red Lantern, was Rachel, who picked Cindy Abbott. The Red Lantern has a special job of turning off the Widow’s Lamp, to officially end the race.

The students are writing a retell of the Balto story and a congratulatory letter to their mushers. I will teach them the sled dog Hokey Pokey for a fun end to this wonderful learning experience.

Reading- Groups are finishing up novel reads and being text detectives to find out all of the most important parts of the story with evidence. Character Day is March 30th, students should dress like a character in a book that they are currently reading or have read in the past. Students need to have the book with them for Character Day. Appropriate dress up clothes are welcome for this special day.


One last reminder: class pictures are on the 29th, Wednesday and this is a dress uniform day. All order forms are due by this date and were sent home on March 20th. If you need another form please check the office beacsue I’m all out.

Thank you,

Lisa Castillo